About PittSec

PittSec is a project focused on supporting and improving the Information Security community in and around Pittsburgh through five primary goals:

  1. Improve communication/visibility. Act as the glue to connect the various existing communication channels, as well as provide an optional replacement via slack (see our community to get an invite).
  2. Simplify networking. It is difficult to keep in touch with everyone that you’d like to, even in a city like Pittsburgh. Having one place to go, and making it easily available on all of your devices makes it much easier.
  3. Share information. Having a place to discuss new discoveries, campaigns, exploits, etc. is critical to properly protect our companies. Let’s talk about what we see, and help each other out.
  4. Ease collaboration. I love working on a good challenge, but sometimes you hit something that you’ve just never seen before. Being able to throw it out in a channel and have people analyze the problem from different perspectives often delivers a better result, and is a ton of fun.
  5. Get work done. We all know how difficult it is to fill job openings with the right person. Not only should the community workspace area help us all get to know each other better, but there is a #jobs channel specifically for those with job openings, or looking for a job in the field. Please use it! In addition, while you are welcome to ask others for help and make connections, a key part of this community workspace is that outright selling is forbidden (see the rules).

This is meant to be an open, community-focused project, and as such it is always open to feedback. Feel free to reach out via the contact us form or as a direct message in slack.


Our goal is to maintain a safe, helpful, and friendly community for everyone. We have a few rules:

  1. Be welcoming.
  2. Be kind and respectful.
  3. Share, don’t sell.